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Texas: Death Sentence or Hidden Oasis for Endangered African Antelope?


Over the past several decades, there has been a continued documented decline of species in their native lands and habitats, as well as captive settings. Primary causes for the continued decline, and decimation, of these species can be attributed to human activity. Accredited zoos and conservation organizations are participating in, and developing, programs to protect these species. Recently, a change in legislation enforcement of the Endangered Species Act has created a heated debate over the role of commerce in conservation. Private ranch owners are now fighting to protect their rights and property. This article will explore the facts, emotions, and the public opinion that surrounds the attempt to save a few select species of antelope from the brink of extinction, as well as the methods employed by the various individuals and organizations attempting to save them.

By Brian Ogle

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2 thoughts on “Texas: Death Sentence or Hidden Oasis for Endangered African Antelope?

  1. Outstanding work! I always wondered if the adage that if we make an endangered species open to private ownership, it would save the species. Thanks to Mr. Ogle, I now know the answer to that, at least for the species mentioned.


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