How Does 1800petmeds Work?

Simply browse our website from the comfort of your home, or using your mobile device.

Once you’ve located the medications and supplies your pet needs, add the item(s) to your shopping cart.

If you are ordering any prescription medications, we’ll also ask you to tell us about your pet and your veterinarian.

Do you need a prescription to order from 1800PetMeds?

Most flea and tick control products such as Frontline Plus and Advantage II do not require a prescription. If you are purchasing prescription required medications all we need is your veterinarian’s name and phone number and we will obtain your pet’s prescription for you free of charge.

How reliable is 1800PetMeds?

1800PetMeds has a consumer rating of 3.7 stars from 87 reviews indicating that most consumers are generally satisfied with their purchases. 1800PetMeds also ranks 11th among Pet Meds sites. The most common issues with 1800PetMeds are around customer service, which is not as good as expected by some customers.

How do you get a PetMeds prescription?

You can get it from your veterinarian if they keep it in stock. Your veterinarian can write (or call in) a prescription to a local pharmacy that stocks the medication. Your veterinarian can provide a prescription so you can get the medication from an online pharmacy.

Who owns 1 800mg medication?

PetMed Express, Inc.