How To Get Rid Of A Pet Wow?

To get rid of a pet, right-click its portrait and select “Abandon Pet.” Keep in mind that this is permanent, so be careful not to abandon the wrong pet.

How do you get rid of a pet?

Take the pet you want to get rid of out of the stable, right click on it’s profile frame and select abandon, click yes to the warning message. Done.

What level does a hunter get a pet?

You can also tame Hunter pets starting at level 10. This means from level 1 through 10 you are on your own! We have a section in our Hunter Leveling Guide on how to level up before owning a pet, as well as Hunter Class Quest Walkthroughs on how to obtain your first pet.

How many pets can you have in wow?

How many companion pets are there? There are currently 1279 companion pets available to collect. Don’t let that number frighten you.

What Pets Can hunters tame in wow?

Hunter Pets

Name Diet Type
Bear Meat, Fish, Cheese, Bread, Fungus, Fruit Tenacity
Bird of Prey Meat, Fish Cunning
Pterrordax Exotic Meat, Fish, Fruit, Raw Meat, Raw Fish Cunning
Spider Meat Ferocity

52 more rows