How To Take Care Of A Snail As A Pet?

How do you keep a snail as a pet?

To keep a pet snail, place it in a plastic tank or container that’s lined with some potting soil. You can also put some dried tree branches and bark inside so your snail has things to climb and hide under. Spray the inside of the tank with water twice a day so it stays moist for your snail.

What do pet snails eat?

Most garden snails eat vegetation, and are known pests in gardens and crop farms. They love seedlings and thick-leaved plants, along with fruits and vegetables. They will eat tree bark and flowers as well. Snails will also eat dead plant or animal material.

What does a snail need to survive?

All snail species need oxygen, food, water and adequate temperature and humidity to live. Present in human life since ancient times, many terrestrial snails are considered garden pests.

How long do garden snails live for?

about five years