Wizard101 How To Feed Pet?

you can feed you pet snack to your pet from the pet pavilion, enter threw any training game, finish the game, then there will be a menu that displays all your’e pet snacks that you currently have.

you can then feed any snack to your pet and it will increase (depends an what rank the snack is).

How do you get pet snacks in wizard101?

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How do you level up your pet in wizard101?

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How do you get into the pet pavilion in wizard101?

Re: How to get into Pet Pavilion? Once you reach level 7, Ambrose will send you a message to go meet him, and he will give you a quest for the Pet Pavillion. One of the rewards of this quest is a pet piggle, but you must level up to Level 7 first.

Who drops couch potatoes in wizard101?

They drop from the mobs in Savarstaad Pass, Grizzleheim; the Splithoofs are popular for farming. Easy to care for, needs are water, music and level 1 pests.

What plants give Mega snacks wizard101?

Prickly Bear cactus, Cornbread Fruit Bush, Deadly Helephant Ears, Fish on a Vine, and Red Grapes of Wrath, and Maelstrom Snap Dragons are all easy enough to aquire, and all drop Mega Snacks. PBC are still fairly popular for a respectable gold and Mega Snack harvest.

Does cheat engine work on wizard101?

Cheat engines are not allowed, however what you describe sounds more like lag on your part.

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How level up pets fast?

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How do you train your pet fast in wizard101?

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