How Does Nationwide Pet Insurance Work?

What does my nationwide pet insurance cover?

Complete coverage

High quality pet health insurance for your dog or cat, with medical and wellness protection in one plan and 90% coverage on vet bills.

Coverage highlights: Accidents and illnesses.

Surgeries and hospitalization.

Is Nationwide a good pet insurance?

Nationwide Pet Insurance covers accidents and illnesses and can also include preventive medicine, dental care, spaying, neutering and behavioral treatments. Nationwide’s most comprehensive plan, Whole Pet with Wellness, is the most expensive, but it also provides maximum benefits for pets of all types.

How does pet insurance work?

Pet insurance is a way to save on veterinary costs when your pet gets sick or is injured. As with regular health insurance, the policyholder pays a small portion of the bill and the insurance company pays the remainder. Unlike regular health insurance, you do have to pay out of pocket first.

Does nationwide pet insurance have a waiting period?

The Whole Pet with Wellness and Major Medical plans have a 14-day waiting period once your application is approved and we receive payment. Pet Wellness plan coverage begins 24 hours after your policy has been issued and we’ve received payment.