How Much Is A Pet Iguana?

The Green Iguana, a common pet iguana that reaches six feet in length, can be purchased online or at pet stores for between $15 and $35.

Specialty breeds cost more.

Cyclura Iguanas, for example, range from $250 to $600.

The Satanic Leaftail Gecko sells for $250 a pair.

Can you have an iguana as a pet?

Iguanas can make wonderful pets for the right person. Iguanas are strictly herbivorous animals, which makes them easy to feed, but at the same time it is easy to forget they also have nutritional needs. Inform yourself by a vet about all the diet requirements for your pet iguana, if you decide to obtain one.

Where can I purchase an iguana?

To buy an iguana, locate a rescue center or breeder in your local area that sells iguanas. If this isn’t an option, visit a local pet store, but be sure to check it has good reviews first. After you’ve found a lizard you like, ask to hold it so you can examine it more closely to make sure it’s healthy.

What does a pet iguana eat?

Iguanas are mainly herbivorous, meaning they mostly eat plants. Specifically, they are folivores (an animal that feeds on leaves). In the wild, they feed almost entirely on the leaves of trees and vines, plus some fruits or flowers that are not readily available to pet owners.

Do iguanas like to be petted?

Iguanas don’t need to be petted or played with. As iguanas age, they will spend most of their days walking around and basking. Tame iguana will be laid back and calm. But you will have to handle it regularly in the beginning for taming and bonding.