How To Get A Pet Mouse On Animal Jam?

How do you get rare pets on Animal Jam 2019?


How do you get a pet ladybug on Animal Jam?

There are currently two real ways to obtain the Pet Ladybug in Animal Jam. Firstly, you could purchase forty Adopt A Pet Jazwares Toys, redeem their codes and obtain the Pet Ladybug as a reward. Secondly, you could find someone that already owns the pet and attempt to trade with them.

How do you get a pet in Animal Jam?

– Pets are awesome smaller animals that travel around with you. – They will interact with specific den items, perform the same actions you do, and can even be placed in your den. – New pets come out each month. You can adopt a pet by using Sapphires at the Sapphire Shop or the Claws ‘n Paws shop.

Where do you get rare pets in animal jam?

Rare Member Phantoms can be found here. The Promo Pets are obtained by using a code from Jazwares Adopt-a-Pet toys or the Retail Membership Gift Cards. Most pets are redeemed from a code given in an ultra-rare toy box. The others are obtained by certain amounts of different Adopt-a-Pet codes.

What is the rarest item in Animal Jam?

the number one rarest item in all of Animal Jam is the beta creature mask the beta creature mask was soldiering the spooky party of 2010. and was only up for a couple of days before was taken out of stores. the item that replaced the beta creature masks.

What is a golden pig Worth Animal Jam?

Notice: The “Golden Pig” is worth just as much as the regular Pet Piglet. The Golden Pig is obtained by putting the Golden Hat onto any Pet Piglet through the Play-As-Your-Pet party; anyone with an Animal Jam membership can get it. Don’t believe anyone who says it is rarer than it is and don’t get scammed!

How do you get rare pets?


How many pets can you have in Animal Jam?

1000 Pets

Are cupid wings beta?

This item is a Clothing Beta.

The non-glossy cupid wings were released in 2015. They were not released alongside the original Cupid Wings and lack the white gloss/shine, therefore are not considered “glossy”.