How To Get Pet Off Shoulder Ark?

How do you get a Dimorphodon off your shoulder in Ark Xbox?


Y is the interaction button 🙂 double tap it to get it off your shoulder.

If your on a mount double tap the right stick.

How do you get Dinos off your shoulder in Ark ps4?

Ark PS4 Tutorial – How To Remove A Dino From Your Shoulder

How do you pick up animals in Ark?

PICK UP ANY DINO!! :: Mod Spotlight :: ARK: Survival Evolved

How do you use Bulbdog in Ark?

Recommended to be your first tame. To activate/deactivate the light without removing it from your shoulder, hold ‘t’ on PC and in the emote menu choose ‘light. ‘ You can use glowbugs to fully charge your little bulbdog!