How To Keep A Frog As A Pet?

Can you keep a frog as a pet?

Frogs make great pets, as long as some things are kept in mind.

Frogs are relatively easy and inexpensive to keep, can be long lived, make great display animals, provide many educational opportunities for children, low maintenance, and definitely have that cool/exotic factor going for them!

What do frogs need to survive?

Frogs love:

Water – they spend the early part of their life cycle (eggs and tadpoles) in water. As fully grown frogs some like to sit in or near water. Shelter – the skin of frogs is not waterproof, drinking water and oxygen are absorbed through their skin.

Are frogs easy to take care of?

Terrestrial frogs are notoriously easy to care for, they include species like toads and other mostly land dwelling frogs. Aquatic frogs aren’t quite as well-known but they’re available and the one I selected is very easy to care for. Then there are the arboreal frogs, the treefrogs.

How do you make a wild frog a pet?

To keep a wild toad as a pet, buy a 15-gallon aquarium with a mesh or screen lid and line the bottom with non-fertilized potting soil or moss. Position the tank out of direct sunlight and place a shallow dish of non-chlorinated water in the tank for the toad to soak in.