How To Pet A Rat?

Discover your rat’s favorite spots to make the experience enjoyable for him.

  • Rats often love a good ear rub, as long as you’re gentle.
  • Gently scratch your rat’s shoulders.
  • Pet your rat’s back, starting at his neck and running down toward the middle of his back.

Why rats are bad pets?

If you have other pets, especially cats and dogs, they can be viewed as prey animals. Rats also typically do not like other rodents. Some can bite, and that can lead to Rat Bite Fever. Which is the most common zoonotic disease associated with rats, but there are several others.

How do I get my rat to cuddle?

How to Cuddle/Pet Your Rats –

Are rats easy pets?

Rats as Pets

Pet rats are relatively easy to care for but that doesn’t mean they are low maintenance pets. They require a fair amount of attention and exercise time outside of their cages—at least an hour a day is ideal. Since rats are very social they should never be kept alone.

Do rats like being held?

Hold your hand or arm outward so the rat can climb up.

After your rat is used to being handled, it will seek out hand time, as rats love being held. When playing with your rat, extend your arm so it can crawl into your hand and climb up your arm.