Wizard101 How To Get Pet Talents You Want?

How do you get pet talents in wizard101?

Wizard101: Free Train – How to Train Pets to get the Talents you

What level do you have to be to get a pet in wizard101?

Everyone can participate, however you must be at least level 7 to enter the Pet Pavilion. If you are at least level 7 and have completed your assignment to defeat Rattlebones in Unicorn Way, please talk to Merle Ambrose for more information.

What is the best death PET in wizard101?

As for which pet is best in itself? For great stats, Death talents and/or rare cards, try Deer Knight, Brainy Assistant, Ghost Dragon, Wildwood Yeti, Avenging Fossil, Red Ghost, or Winged Catastrophe. My level 30 Death has an Enchanted Armament with Defender, Spell Proof, Critical Striker, and Death Assailant.

How do you get hybrid pets in wizard101?

Hybrid pets are special pets which can be hatched by breeding specific pairs of pets in the Pet Hatchery. For Basic Game Information about Pets please visit the Pets page.