How To Catch A Chipmunk For A Pet?

Can you keep a chipmunk as a pet?

Chipmunks have only been kept as pets for a relatively short time and experts are still learning about how best to care for them.

If you currently own a chipmunk as a pet, it’s legal to keep your chipmunk until the end of their natural life, however, you’re now unable to buy another.

What is the best way to catch a chipmunk?

How To Trap Chipmunks –

How do you lure a chipmunk out of hiding?

Close all interior doors and open a window or exterior door in the room. Leave the chipmunk alone, so she can find her way out. If there is no possible exit, set a live trap baited with peanut butter on the floor near the chipmunk and leave her alone for a few hours.

What can I put in my yard for chipmunks?

Along with seeds and fungi they scarf grain, fruit, nuts, insects, worms, bird eggs and even nestling birds and baby mice. They probably don’t hunt for eggs and hatchlings, just eat them when they find them.