How To Get An Owl As A Pet?

Is it hard to have an owl as a pet?

Owls Are Illegal to Own as Pets

Those who choose to defy the law and keep an owl anyway face a variety of additional problems. If the bird falls ill, there is usually no choice but to take it to a veterinarian who specializes in raptors. Your standard vet is not specially trained to treat these amazing birds.

What states can you own an owl?

State Laws

  • Alabama – Yes, you can keep an owl.
  • Alaska – No, you cannot have an owl.
  • Arizona – You cannot own an owl unless it’s for educational, wildlife rehabilitation, or wildlife management purposes.
  • Arkansas – As long as you can prove you legally acquired an owl, you can keep it.

How much is an owl?

Owls generally cost not less than $1000 for the very smallest. Some are much more expensive than that. But the expense of the bird itself will only be the first of your expenses.

Can we pet owl in India?

“It is bad luck, and I doubt that people in India would keep an owl, considering the superstition attached to them,” he says. Kartick Satyanarayan, chairman and co-founder of Wildlife SOS, says that the owl is a protected bird under the Wildlife (Protection) Act of 1972.