How To Pet Battle In Wow?

How do I win a pet battle in World of Warcraft?

You need a pet that can battle in order to collect pets. Put this pet in your first battle slot in your Pet Journal. Now you can pick up Learning the Ropes from your trainer, which will ask you to win a pet battle. You have to go out into the wild, so just exit Orgrimmar and look for the blue area on your minimap.

How do you battle pets in BFA?

Top 10 BfA Pet Battle Tips –

What is the best battle pet in wow?

Top 20 Rated Pets

  • Xu-Fu, Cub of Xuen. Appearance. 4.75 2,030 votes.
  • Baa’l. Appearance. 4.68 372 votes.
  • Unborn Val’kyr. Appearance. 4.67 2,983 votes.
  • Mischief. Appearance. 4.67 324 votes.
  • Stardust. Appearance. 4.65 334 votes.
  • Shadow. Appearance. 4.65 263 votes.
  • Twilight. Appearance. 4.63 222 votes.
  • Sun Darter Hatchling. Appearance.

How do you change battle pets?

Obviously, after my previous statement, using Polymorph on a Battle Pet before you duel it will change its appearance. Just simply cast any form of Polymorph you would like that Battle Pet to look like BEFORE you Pet Battle, bring the pet below 35% health and then use the cage ability to attempt to capture it.