How To Take Care Of A Pet Rock?

What Should I Feed My Pet Rock?

A rock’s favorite food is pea gravel.

They are also fond of quartz of milk, always best served from a mason jar.

The great news is you only need to feed them about once a week so the food lasts forever.

Once a year, treat them to the Hard Rock Cafe if there’s one near you.

What do you do with pet rocks?

How To Have Fun With With Your Pet Rock

  • Pick Your Pet. Pretend you’re at a pet store and have your kids select their ideal pet rock from the pile: what shape, size and color should it be?
  • Give It a Name. Every pet needs a name, even rocks!
  • Paint It.
  • Make a Home.
  • Bath Time.

How long does a Pet Rock Live?

about five years

How much is a pet rock worth?

My Pet Rock sold for $3.95, and creator Gary Dahl unloaded more than five million of the igneous invertebrates in six months. He walked away with a cool $15 million.