Maplestory How To Get A Permanent Pet?

How do you get a permanent pet in MapleStory?

MapleStory Get your permanent pet!

How do you get multiple pets in MapleStory?

Maplestory | How To Equip Multiple Pets –

How do you get free pets in MapleStory M?

Effectively FREE level 30 pets, Almost. Maplestory M –

How do you get the Blackheart pet?

Double-click to obtain [Pet] Blackheart or Blackheart’s Earrings. Double click this to obtain the Blackheart pet or the Black-hearted Earrings pet equipment. Only one of this item may be in a player’s possession at a time.

How do I feed my pet Maplestory?

To feed your pet, double-click on the food. When a pet is hungry, it generally takes about 2 boxes of pet food to completely fill its tummy. To view a pet’s given fullness at any time, double-click on the pet to open the Pet Info window.

How do you use multiple pets?

To equip multiple pets you must first complete the “Trainer’s Command” quest, and it should be available to you under the lightbulb. To complete it you must purchase a 2.5k NX Pet Snack from the cash shop.

How do you get 3 pets in MapleStory?

Players can equip up to 3 pets at once by learning the “Follow the Leader” skill. This skill can be learned by accepting the quest labeled “Trainer’s Command” and purchasing a Pet Snack from the cash shop (2,500 NX). Pets will appear in the order in which you equip them.

How do you equip a pet in Ulala?

Go to the pets menu, then tap a pet and hit “use” to equip it. Before you do that, though, first, check out all of their attributes, their stats, and their elemental effectiveness. Then compare their effectiveness to whatever the next boss or series of bosses is that you’re fighting.

How do you get your pet to talk in MapleStory?

How to let your pet talk? Curious about why some pet can talk? You can try making your pet say what you want by typing “/pet xxxx” To use this command your pet has to be level 15 and above.