How Much Does A Pet Hamster Cost?

How much does a vet cost for a hamster?

Usually, when you take a hamster to the vet it can range anywhere between $30 – $300 depending on what you go for. Most people recommend around $200 to be a good emergency fund to cover all hamster illness and checkups.

How much does a baby hamster cost?

As for the actual hamster, he will usually only cost $15 to $20.

Does a hamster make a good pet?

Hamsters make excellent pets, for the right owner. Just as some people are considered “dog-people” and some are “cat-people”, there are certain people that make ideal hamster owners. Hamsters need a low-stress living area, are most active at dawn and dusk, and can take quite a bit of time to bond with their human.

Does pets at home sell hamsters?

Small Animals

In store we have rabbits, guinea pigs and a selection of the smaller pets such as hamsters and gerbils. All our small animals are bred by reputable specialists.