How Much Is A Pet Pig?

$600 for neutered/spayed piglet, including vaccinations, deworming, health certificate, microchip, and application for permanent registration paper.

Additionally, shipping is $185 and there is a $50 refundable kennel deposit.

If you adopt two pigs at the same time, there is a $100 discount on the second pig.

Are pigs a good pet?

Pigs are very intelligent, highly social, and make surprisingly good, house-trainable pets. Some breeders claim that their pigs only reach up to 30 pounds in weight. Combined with the intelligence and sociability that pigs possess, it would seem that teacup pigs should make a perfect pet.

How can I get a pet pig?

Pets 101- Pet Pigs –

How long do pet pigs live?

15 to 20 years

Are pet pigs cuddly?

They are not small, cuddly piglets. Pigs are considered to be intelligent animals.

Do pigs and dogs get along?

Pigs and dogs can get along, but for the pigs sake, they should NEVER be left alone together. They should always be supervised. Dogs are predators by nature and pigs are prey. If something upsets the dog, and it is the pig, it is natural for the dog to attack.

What is smarter a dog or a pig?

Pigs outperform 3-year-old human children on cognition tests and are smarter than any domestic animal, and animal experts consider them more trainable than cats or dogs.

Can you potty train a pig?

Pigs are very intelligent creatures, and they can be house trained to use either a litter box or go outside to use the bathroom. Whether you’re teaching it to go in a litter box or outside (or both), you need to keep it confined in a small area or crate while house training, so it knows when it should use the restroom.

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Do pet pigs smell?

Knowing how mini pigs smell can be a deciding factor whether you’re ready to buy one as a pet or not. Do mini pigs smell? Mini pigs, in general, do not have any odor. The bad smell usually associated with pigs is often caused by the environment, especially if the pig is in a regular farm.

Are pigs cleaner than dogs?

In fact, pigs are some of the cleanest animals around, refusing to excrete anywhere near their living or eating areas when given a choice. Their ability to solve problems, like the pig I.Q. test on The Joy of Pigs, is well-documented, and they are considered by animal experts to be more trainable than dogs or cats.