How Much To Tip Pet Groomer?

Do you tip dog groomer at Petsmart?

Our groomer will not accept tips.

Do you tip groomers at Petco?

Should you tip a dog groomer at Petsmart? Petsmart and Petco groomers are still groomers. That does not mean that they shouldn’t be tipped. At Petco when you bring your dog in they’ll hand you a ticket to bring to the cash register.

Do you tip mobile groomers?

I have no idea about mobile but regular dog groomers definitely need to be tipped. normally min wage workers doing a skill job, much like those cutting hair. I tip 15-20% on my pet groomer because it takes 2+ hours.

Do you tip dog groomer for nail trim?

Always tip your pet groomer, bather and nail trimmer!!! As with anything else, tip according to your level of satisfaction and appreciation. If you get horrible service, do not tip. Nail trims should receive at least $2 but there is no limit.