How To Get A Pet In Black Desert Online?

How do you get free pets on Black Desert Mobile?

You can get pets by certain points of mission in Black Desert Mobile.

Like at the beginning of the game, you’ll get a free pet token from a certain NPC Mariana.

But players can also buy pets through the market.

Can pets die in black desert?

No, pets can’t be killed. They can get hungry which causes them to not always do what they’re supposed to, but they can’t be targeted by other players.

How much are pets in BDO?

Pets are used between all characters. They are infinite and the lowest price is 900 pearls (roughly 9$, but you’d have to put in 10.) The most expensive is 1100 pearls ($11, would have to put in 20$). Also, you can have 5 pets out at once.

How do pets work in BDO?

Black Desert Online Updated Pets Guide for Beginners (2017