How To Get A Pet In Elder Scrolls Online?

What do pets do in Elder Scrolls Online?

The pets do nothing but follow you around.

They do not add any aid in battle or in any other way, they are a purely cosmetic item.

If you are talking about the Twilight or Clannfear you see some players have, those are summoned pets only available by sorcerers, and it’s actually a skill that takes up an ability slot.

How do you summon pets in eso?

Select the pet you want to summon, and press “E”. Open your inventory, select the pet and press E. Or right click the pet and select “use”.

How do you get crowns in Elder Scrolls Online?

If you have a Steam version of The Elder Scrolls Online, you can also purchase crown packs from the Steam Store. If you are a console player, you can purchase crowns via the Xbox Game Store or PlayStation Store.

How do you get a familiar in Elder Scrolls Online?

Familiar is a skill from the daedra summoning Sorc skill line. So you can get it if you are a sorc. If you are any other class – you can’t have it. Wardens also have a bear (ultimate ability from the animal companion skill line).