How To Get Gold Bars In Pet Rescue Saga For Free?

How do you get unlimited lives on Pet Rescue Saga?

A simple solution to getting unlimited lives on Pet Rescue Saga.

Works on Android and iOS.

All you need to do is change the date to the next day go back on the game and watch your lives refill.

IF you are using android you may need to force close the game entirely before re opening for the lives to appear.

How do you use the gold bars in Pet Rescue Saga?

Gold Bar is the currency in Pet Rescue Saga. It was introduced as the new currency with the release of the 22nd episode, Golden Molemine on September 5, 2013. Gold can be used to buy Boosters, Lives, Moves and to unlock Episodes. After Level 8, the player receives 50 gold bars.

How do you get free boosters on pet rescue saga?

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How do you get more coins in Pet Rescue Saga?

To earn Coins, you simply need to progress through the game, completing each stage. Many players will find that they accumulate far more coins than they are able to spend on Block Buster Boosters.